The unique and revealing story of a modest man who made a major contribution.

Second Edition now available as an E-book!

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Howard Wainman with a Float Plane.
"Astonishing Luck" is the amazing oral biography of F/L Howard Leonard Wainman, D.F.C. who flew Beaufighters with the anti-shipping Coastal Command R.C.A.F. 404 "Buffalo" Squadron.

Presented with a great deal of humour through his personal quotes, yet remaining serious in nature, this book of 274 pages has been written as a sincere thank you and tribute to the veterans of WWII.

The book includes numerous
unique photographs, many his actual 'strike' photographs, taken during his 13 'strikes' against enemy shipping between D-Day, June 6, 1944 and the last strike he recorded in his log January 9, 1945.